Zong Bao 宗寶 is a fictional character, presumably created by Luo Guanzhong, who appears in chapter 11 of the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. He engages in a fight against the Yellow Turban Guan Hai and gets killed in only few bouts.


When the Yellow Turban rebel Guan Hai was attacking Kong Rong's territory of Beihai commandery in Qing Province for grain, it was Kong Rong's general Zong Bao who set his spear and rode out to battle. He was cut down by Guan Hai after only a very few bouts. Soon the soldiers fell into panic and rushed pell-mell into the city for protection.[1]

Guan Hai was later slain by Guan Yu.


  1. Luo Guanzhong, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, chapter 11


Luo Guanzhong. Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Trans. C. H. Brewitt-Taylor. New York: Tuttle Publishing, 2002.

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