Zhuti 朱提 was a commandery (jùn 郡) slightly south of the center of Yi Province (Yìzhōu 益州) in the west of China during the period of the Three Kingdoms and Western Jin.


Zhuti was bordered to the commanderies of Jianwei 犍為 and Jiangyang 江陽 to the north, Zhangke 牂柯 in the east, Jianning 建寧 to the south, and Yuexi 越巂 to the west.


Zhuti was formerly the dependant state of Jianwei 犍為.


  • Zhuti 朱提
  • Nanguang 南廣
  • Hanyang 漢陽
  • Nanchang 南昌
  • Tanglang 堂狼


People from ZhutiEdit


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