Zhuge Ke biezhuan 諸葛恪別傳 (Secondary Biography of Zhuge Ke) was a Chinese biezhuan-style text about Zhuge Ke of Wu.

Bits of informationEdit

The subject of this book, Zhuge Ke, lived from 203 to 253.

Not much is known about the Zhuge Ke biezhuan. Unlike many of Pei Songzhi's sources the book is not mentioned in the Book of Sui (completed in 636 AD). Perhaps the book was no longer extant at that time.

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wu 19 - Biography of Zhuge KeEdit

  1. 《恪別傳》曰:權甞饗蜀使費禕,先逆勑羣臣:「使至,伏食勿起。」禕至,權為輟食,而羣下不起。禕啁之曰:「鳳皇來翔,騏驎吐哺,驢騾無知,伏食如故。」恪荅曰:「爰植梧桐,以待鳳皇,有何燕雀,自稱來翔?何不彈射,使還故鄉!」禕停食餅,索筆作麥賦,恪亦請筆作磨賦,咸稱善焉。權甞問恪:「頃何以自娛,而更肥澤?」恪對曰:「臣聞富潤屋,德潤身,臣非敢自娛,脩己而已。」又問:「卿何如滕胤?」恪荅曰:「登階躡履,臣不如胤;迴籌轉策,胤不如臣。」恪甞獻權馬,先𨪕其耳。范慎時在坐,嘲恪曰:「馬雖大畜,稟氣於天,今殘其耳,豈不傷仁?」恪荅曰:「母之於女,恩愛至矣,穿耳附珠,何傷於仁?」太子甞嘲恪:「諸葛元遜可食馬矢。」恪曰:「願太子食雞卵。」權曰:「人令卿食馬矢,卿使人食雞卵何也?」恪曰:「所出同耳。」權大笑。

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