Zhang Xingcai

Zhang Xingcai 張星彩 (or Xing Cai 星彩) is Koei’s fictional version of the historical Empress Zhang. She is Zhang Fei’s youngest daughter.


Zhang Xingcai is born in Zhuo commandery in You Province[1] as the youngest daughter of Zhang Fei. In Dynasty Warriors she takes to the field of battle alongside her father. She fights using a shield and a sword.

Her Dynasty Warriors 7 biography says:

“Daughter of Zhang Fei. Intelligent, farsighted, and gifted in military matters, she, along with Liu Shan, Guan Ping and others of the next generation, represented the hope of Shu's future.”[1]

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  • Zhang Xingcai is based on the younger Empress Zhang, not the older one. In Dynasty Warriors 7’s Conquest Mode the Scholar may ask the following question:
Of the following, who married the same person as her older sister?
With the correct answer being ‘Xing Cai’”.[2]


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