The Yu Jin Yuandi jian 與晉元帝箋 (A Letter to Emperor Yuan of Jin) was a letter to Emperor Yuan of Jin, written by Liu Kun 劉琨.

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Book of Shu 5 - Biography of Zhuge LiangEdit

  1. 臣松之以為亮在渭濵,魏人躡迹,勝負之形,未可測量,而云歐血,蓋因亮自亡而自誇大也。夫以孔明之略,豈為仲達歐血乎?及至劉琨喪師,《與晉元帝箋》亦云「亮軍敗歐血」,此則引虛記以為言也。其云入谷而卒,緣蜀人入谷發喪故也。

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  • Chen Shou 陳壽 (233–297). Sanguo zhi 三國志 “Records of the Three Kingdoms”, with official commentary compiled by Pei Songzhi 裴松之 (372-451).

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