Yu Du 于毒 was a leader among the Black Mountain Bandits in Taihang range. “Yu Du” is a nickname, meaning “Poison Yu”.


In 185 A.D. Poison Yu was a leader among the Black Mountain bandits in the Taihang range. In 191 A.D., Poison Yu was defeated by Cao Cao in Dong commandery. Following the Campaign against Dong Zhuo, the northern warlord Yuan Shao came in possession of some northern territories. When he was at Boluo Crossing a group of mutineers joined Poison Yu and stormed Wei's capital city Ye. Yuan Shao went back to camp at Chiqiu.

Later that year, Yuan Shao returned the attack and defeated Poison Yu in the Luchang Hills, drove him away, followed him into Henei and killed him.[1]



  1. A Biographical Dictionary of the Later Han to the Three Kingdoms by Rafe de Crespigny, page 994.


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