Xu Liang 許涼 was a Major under the command of He Jin, the General-in-Chief of Han during the reign of Emperor Ling.


Not much is known about Xu Liang. Xu Liang gets a single mention in He Jin's official biography in the History of the Later Han, which states that in the year 188 “those who studied the ethers considered that the capital district would have great military affairs, and that the two palaces would flow in blood”, Xu Liang and the Acting Major Wu Dang 伍宕 advised He Jin on the matter, by referring to Taigong's Six Secret Teachings, wich stated “if the Emperor personally controls the army, everything will be alright.”

He Jin was pleased with the advice and told the Emperor. Subsequently the Emperor took the title General Supreme (wushang jiangjun 無上將軍).


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