Xu Huang 徐晃

Records of the Three Kingdoms biographyEdit

 Xu Huang styled Gongming 公明, was a native of Yang county in Hedong commandery. As an official ( 吏) of that commandery, he followed the General of Chariots and Cavalry (jūjì jiāngjūn 車騎將軍), Yang Feng 楊奉 (...), he was promoted to Chief Commandant of Cavalry (jí dūwèi 騎都尉).

 [Emperor] Taizu 太祖 [Cao Cao] assigned Xu Huang troops and ordered him to attack the bandits at Juan 卷 and Yuanwu 原武 counties, defeated them, and was promoted to Major-General (pí jiàngjūn 裨將軍). Xu Huang followed Cao Cao into battle against Lü Bu 呂布. [Lü] Bu's generals, Zhao Shu 趙庶 and Li Zou 李鄒 surrendered.


Fact vs. FictionEdit


  • …Xu Huang was not killed by Meng Da, but instead died of an illness.



  • Chen Shou 陳壽 (233–297). Sanguo zhi 三國志 “Records of the Three Kingdoms”, with official commentary compiled by Pei Songzhi 裴松之 (372-451).

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