Xiang Xu 向栩 was a Regular Palace Attendant during the time of Emperor Ling of Han. He criticised the Emperor's close attendants, was arrested and killed.


Xiang Xu was a eunuch from Henei commandery in Sili Province. Shortly after Zhang Rang 張讓 and several of his eunuchs were enfeoffed by the Emperor as marquises he sent in a memerandum criticising them. Zhang Rang made false accusation against him, saying that he was a supporter of Zhang Jue 張角 and planned to act as traitor within the gates. He was arrested and sent to the Northern Prison of the Yellow Gates and was killed there.[1]



  1. HHS 81/71, 2694 (21b), the Biography of Xiang Xu in the Chapter on the Men of Unusual Conduct.


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