Xiahou Dun 夏侯惇 was a Wei general who fought under Cao Cao as a major military general and is famous for losing his eye from an arrow shot. He was one of Cao Cao's closest and most trusted generals and a kinsman of Xiahou Yuan.


Xiahou Dun's hometown was Qiao county in Pei commandery. He was a descendant of Xiahou Ying. At the age of 14, he pursued his studies under the guidance of a local teacher. There was an incident where someone had insulted his teacher, and Dun killed him. For this, he was known as a righteous but violent person.

Dun had always been under Cao Cao's command and when Cao rose to power, Dun followed him into battle. After Cao Cao was promoted to the title of General who Displays Firmness, he appointed Dun as his military advisor, and stationed him at Boma.[1]

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  • …Xiahou Dun did not lose his eye to Cao Xing and did not go on to kill him.
  • …Xiahou did not consume the eye he lost.
  • …Xiahou Dun's abilities were rather administrative than military.


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