Wudi lei 武帝誄 (Eulogy for Emperor Wu) was a poem by Cao Zhi,[1] for his father Cao Cao, the Emperor Wu of Wei.


Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wei 14 - Biography of Jiang JiEdit

  1. 故陳思王作《武帝誄》曰:「於穆武王,冑稷胤周。」此其不同者也。及至景初,明帝從高堂隆議,謂魏為舜後,後魏為禪晉文,稱「昔我皇祖有虞」,則其異彌甚。尋濟難隆,及與尚書繆襲往反,並有理據,文多不載。濟亦未能定氏族所出,但謂「魏非舜後而橫祀非族,降黜太祖,不配正天,皆為繆妄」。然于時竟莫能正。

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  1. “故陳思王作《武帝誄》。。。” (“Thereforethe King Si of Chen[Cao Zhi] 陳思王 composed 作 Eulogy for Emperor Wu 《武帝誄》”)
    Chen Shou. Book of Wei 14 in Records of the Three Kingdoms, cited by Pei Songzhi.


  • Chen Shou 陳壽 (233–297). Sanguo zhi 三國志 "Records of the Three Kingdoms", with official commentary compiled by Pei Songzhi 裴松之 (372-451).

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