The Wu li 吳歷 (Calendar of Wu) was a Chinese text written by Hu Zhong 胡沖.

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Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wei 2 - Annals of Emperor Wen (Cao Pi)Edit

  1. 胡沖《吳歷》曰:帝以素書所著《典論》及詩賦餉孫權,又以紙寫一通與張昭。

Book of Wei 13 - Biography of Hua XinEdit

  1. 胡沖《吳歷》曰:孫策擊豫章,先遣虞翻說歆。歆荅曰:「乆在江表,常欲北歸;孫會稽來,吾便去也。」翻還報策,策乃進軍。歆葛巾迎策,策謂歆曰:「府君年德名望,遠近所歸;策年幼稚,宜脩子弟之禮。」便向歆拜。

Book of Shu 2 - Biography of the Former Lord (Liu Bei)Edit

  1. 胡沖《吳歷》曰:曹公數遣親近密覘諸將有賔客酒食者,輒因事害之。備時閉門,將人種蕪菁,曹公使人闚門。旣去,備謂張飛、關羽曰:「吾豈種菜者乎?曹公必有疑意,不可復留。」其夜開後柵,與飛等輕騎俱去,所得賜遺衣服,悉封留之,乃往小沛收合兵衆。臣松之案:魏武帝遣先主統諸將要擊袁術,郭嘉等並諫,魏武不從,其事顯然,非因種菜遁逃而去。如胡沖所云,何乖僻之甚乎!
  2. Hu Zhong, Wu li says: “Duke Cao frequently sent intimates to secretly spy on his commanders to see who was entertaining guests with drink and food, and then on some pretext he would kill them. Liu Bei often closed his gate and planted rape-turnips with others. Duke Cao sent someone to spy through the gate. When he had left, Liu Bei said to Zhang Fei and Guan Yu, ‘How could I [simply] be someone who plants vegetables? Duke Cao is sure to be suspicious. We cannot remain any longer.’ That night he opened a rear gate, and with Zhang Fei and the others he left on light horseback. All the clothing that had been bestowed on him he sealed up and left behind. Then he headed for Xiaopei to assemble his troops.”

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