Wu ji 吳紀 (Annals of Wu) is a Chinese text written by Huan Ji 環濟.[1]


Mentioned in the Book of Sui as being 9 juan 卷 long, of which none survive today.[1]

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wu 8 - Biography of Zhang HongEdit

  1. 環氏《吳紀》曰:皓嘗問:「詩云『汎彼柏舟』,惟柏中舟乎?」尚對曰:「詩言『檜楫松舟』,則松亦中舟也。」又問:「鳥之大者惟鶴,小者惟雀乎?」尚對曰:「大者有禿鶖,小者有鷦鷯。」皓性忌勝己,而尚談論每出其表,積以致恨。後問:「孤飲酒以方誰?」尚對曰:「陛下有百觚之量。」皓云:「尚知孔丘之不王,而以孤方之!」因此發怒收尚。尚書岑昏率公卿已下百餘人,詣宮叩頭請,尚罪得減死。

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