The Wei ji 魏紀 (Annals of Wei) was a Chinese text written by Yin Dan 陰澹.

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Book of Wei 19 - Biography of Cao Zhi, the Prince Si of ChenEdit

  1. 陰澹《魏紀》載植賦曰「從明后而嬉游兮,登層臺以娛情。見太府之廣開兮,觀聖德之所營。建高門之嵯峨兮,浮雙闕乎太清。立中天之華觀兮,連飛閣乎西城。臨漳水之長流兮,望園果之滋榮。仰春風之和穆兮,聽百鳥之悲鳴。天雲垣其旣立兮,家願得而獲逞。揚仁化於宇內兮,盡肅恭於上京。惟桓文之為盛兮,豈足方乎聖明!休矣美矣!惠澤遠揚。翼佐我皇家兮,寧彼四方。同天地之規量兮,齊日月之暉光。永貴尊而無極兮,等年壽於東王」云云。太祖深異之。

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