Wei Hong 衛弘 is a fictional character who appears in chapter 5 of the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. A man of wealthy background, he gave his property to Cao Cao to raise troops to restore the Han.


After Cao Cao proposed to his father to dispose of all the family property and enlist soldiers with the money, his father replied:

Our possessions are but small and not enough to do anything with. However, there is a graduate here, one Wei Hong, careless of wealth but careful of virtue, whose family is very rich. With his help we might hope for success.

A feast was prepared, and Wei Hong was invited. At the feast Cao Cao made him a speech:

The Hans have lost their lordship, and Dong Zhuo is really a tyrant. He flouts his prince and is cruel to the people, who gnash their teeth with rage. I would restore the Hans, but my means are insufficient. Sir, I appeal to your loyalty and public spirit.

Wei Hong replied:

I have long desired this but, so far, have not found a person fit to undertake the task. Since you, Cao Cao, have so noble a desire, I willingly devote all my property to the cause.

This was joyful news, and the call to arms was forthwith prepared and sent far and near. When men such as Yue Jin and Li Dian arrived with their soldiers drill began, and Wei Hong spent his treasure freely in buying clothing, armor, flags, and banners. From all sides poured in gifts of grain.[1]



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