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Three Kingdoms Online is an MMO strategy browsergame developed by Koramgame. A Simplified Chinese version was released on 5 March, 2008. An English version followed in December 2009.


At the start of the game you get to create a character. You can give him a name, select a portrait and select a side (Wei, Wu or Shu). The game itself focusses on developing a city, gathering resources, recruiting troops, maintaining defenses and expanding.


Contribution materials are required to higher ranks. When you rank up you gain more attackpower and defense. The following materials can be found in the game:

  • Silk
    Bo-wang, Fan City, Long-zhong, Luo-yang, Ru-xu, Wu-chao, Lu-kou, Pan-he, Zhuo Town, Tong-guan, Hu-lao, Gui-yang, Xiang-yang, Xin-ye
  • Fur
    An-xi, Zhan-yi, Cang-ting, Mai City
  • Wine
    Wei-kou, Jiu-yuan, Ba County
  • Indigo
    Gui-yang, Long-zhong, Fan City, Ding-jun, Ru-xu
  • Salt
  • Tribute Token


In Three Kingdoms Online, the world of the virtual Three Kingdoms of ancient China is divided into fourteen main regions, namely Liang State, Bing State, You State, Ji State, Si State, Yan State, Qing State, Yong State, Yu State, Xu State, Yi State, Jin State, Yang State and Jiao State. Epic Cities like ancient Cheng Du, Tai Yuan, Xia Pi and so on are distributed in every state. Epic heroes such as Lü Bu, Cao Cao and Sun Quan will also appear in the game.

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