The Yellow Turbans is an article written by Canadian Paul Michaud. It was published in 1958 in Monumenta Serica volume XVII.


One of the better sources about the Yellow Turbans. It contains information on the rebellion as well as background information on their religion, organization and why the Yellow Turbans rebelled. The work, however, is already over half a century old and does contain some mistakes. For example it states that Bo Cai was killed in the fifth month of 184 A.D., whereas more recent sources state that he died later. Still, this work remains a reliable source. Newcomers are advised to read it along with a more recent source, for example De Crespigny's Emperor Huan and Emperor Ling or Leban's Ts'ao Ts'ao and the Rise of Wei: The Early Years.

List of ChaptersEdit

  1. Introduction
  2. The Background of the Rebellion of the Yellow Turbans
  3. The Religion and Organization of the Yellow Turbans
  4. The Motivation and Extent of the Rebellion
  5. Conclusion
  6. Appendix I
  7. Appendix II
  8. Bibliography

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