The Death of Empress Zhen, subtitled fiction and historiography in early Medieval China is an article written by Professor Robert Joe Cutter for Journal of the American Oriental Society and was published in 1992. It contains parts of Empress Zhen's entry in Empresses and Consorts by Robert Joe Cutter and William Gordon Crowell.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Examination of an interpolation in Li Shan's Wen xuan commentary shows that the information contained therein, while fictitious insofar as it portrays a romantic attachment between Empress Zhen and Cao Zhi, is more plausible in the matter of her death. Her biography in Chen Shou's San guo zhi and works quoted in Pei Songzhi's commentary bear this out. A dissenting and dubious description of her death in Wang Chen's Wei shu offers a contrast to the historiographical integrity of Chen and Pei."

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