The Date of the Taiping Jing is an article written by Burchard J. Mansvelt Beck and published in T'oung Pao, volume LXVI in 1980.

Offical DescriptionEdit

The article focusses on the Classic of Great Peace (Taiping Jing) and its possible predecessors on which it could've been based, such as the Book of Great Peace with Green Headings.

List of ChaptersEdit

  1. The Modern Text
  2. Description of the Modern TPJ
  3. Earliest Evidence of the Modern TPJ
  4. The Earlier Han Text
  5. The Later Han Text
  6. Text History of the TPJ to the Sixth Century
  7. The Rediscovery of the TPJ in the Sixth Century
  8. The Tunhuang MS Stein 4226
  9. The Preface
  10. Table of Contents of the TPJ
  11. The Epilogue
  12. Koyanagi Shigeta (1930)
  13. Tang Yongtong (1935)
  14. Fukui Kojun (1936, 1937)
  15. Ofuchi Ninji (1940)
  16. The Date of the Tunhuang MS
  17. Criticism of Yoshioka's Theory
  18. Arguments for the Authenticity of the Modern TPJ
  19. Arguments against the Authenticity of the Modern TPJ
  20. An Early Text History of the TPJ
  21. Bibliography

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