Ten Attendants - SGYY Graphic Novel

The Ten Eunuchs in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, with Zhang Rang in the center.

The "Ten Regular Attendants" (Shí zhōng chángshì 十中常侍), also known as Ten Regular Palace Attendants or Ten Eunuchs, is the fictional name for Zhang Rang's eunuch faction.

Zhang Rang and his group of eunuchs were referred to as the Ten Eunuchs or Ten Attendants, but it may not have been an official name of the group.

Historically there were a total of twelve eunuchs.

The Ten Eunuchs in Romance of the Three Kingdoms are:

  1. Zhang Rang 張讓
  2. Zhao Zhong 趙忠
  3. Feng Xu 封胥
  4. Duan Gui 段珪
  5. Xia Yun 夏暉
  6. Guo Sheng 郭勝
  7. Cao Jie 曹節
  8. Hou Lan 侯覽
  9. Jian Shuo 蹇碩
  10. Cheng Kuang 程曠

Historically, Cao Jie and Hou Lan died in 181 and 172 respectively. Cheng Kuang is not mentioned in any historical texts.

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  • Though the Ten Eunuchs, as a faction in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, were fictional, the term Ten Eunuchs (or Ten Regular Attendants) was not. Historically there were usually a total of 10 enfeoffed eunuchs in the capital and they were often referred to as “The Ten Attendants”. For example the Zizhi tongjian quotes Zhang Jun, who in 185 AD said:
You should cut the heads off your ten Regular Attendants.”


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