Taiping Jing: The Origin and Transmission of the 'Scripture on General Welfare' -The History of An Unofficial Text- is a document written by Barbara Hendriscke, formerly Barbara Kandel (at the time of writing) and released in 1979. It focusses on the Taiping jing and its possible history.

Official DescriptionEdit

List of ChaptersEdit

The work is divided into seven chapters;

  1. The prognostic 'Scripture on general welfare and the keeping of the original mandate according to the calendar revealed by the officers of Heaven'.
  2. The origin of the Daoist 'Book on general welfare with the title written in blue'.
  3. The Yellow Turbans' use of the 'Book on general welfare with the title written in blue.
  4. The development of religious Daoism and the 'Book on general welfare with the title written in blue.
  5. The emergence of a 'Scripture on general welfare' in the 6th century.
  6. The Daozang 'Scripture on general welfare' and its history.
  7. The traditional roles of the 'Scripture on general welfare' - the development from an 'unofficial' to an 'official' text.

Each chapter is divided into multiple sub-chapters, with each of them providing facts, speculation and probabilities.

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