Sun, General Who Exterminates Rebels, is the finest strategist in the world, a military genius.
Yu Fan speaking to Hua Xin.

Sun Ce 孫策 was the eldest son of Sun Jian 孫堅 and the elder brother of later Wu emperor, Sun Quan 孫權. During his early years he began to build the Wu dynasty, but was assassinated by retainers of a local clan leader.


When Sun Jian had initially raised righteous troops, Sun Ce escorted his mother to reside in Shu. He became friends with Zhou Yu 周瑜, and associated with the leading men of the area. The people in the land between the Huai River and the Jiang looked to him. After Sun Jian’s death his body was brought back to Qu’a for burial. After this Sun Ce subsequently crossed the Jiang to live in Jiangdu.[1]






  • Sun Shao (not to be confused with the more well-known Sun Shao below)
  • Daughter, married to Gu Shao
  • Daughters, the first one married  to Zhu Ji the second daughter married Lu Xun Respectivly


  • Sun Feng
  • Gu Tan
  • Gu Cheng
  • Lu Kang (not to be confused with his relative, the Prefect of Lujiang that Sun Ce defeated)Lu Xun's son


  • Sun Qiang (father's older twin brother)
  • Sun Jing (father's younger brother)
  • Wu Jing (mother's younger brother)
  • Xu Zhen (father's sister's husband)


  • Sun Ben
  • Sun Fu
  • Sun Gao
  • Sun Yu
  • Sun Jiao
  • Sun Huan (not to be confused with the more well-known Sun Huan below)
  • Xu Kun

Other Relations

  • Sun He (distant cousin, originally surnamed Yu, given the Sun family name by Sun Ce; not to be confused with Sun Quan's son)
  • Sun Huan (Sun He's son)
  • Sun Shao (Sun He's nephew, also given the Sun family name by Sun Ce)

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Fact vs. FictionEdit


  • ...Sun Ce never had the Imperial Seal in his possession.
  • ...Thus, Sun Ce never gave the Imperial Seal to Yuan Shu.
  • ...Sun Ce did not die of a curse by Gan Ji 干吉.
  • ...Sun Ce more most likely did not kill Gan Ji.


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