The Soushen ji 搜神記 (Records of Enquiry about the Spirits) was a Chinese text written by Gan Bao 干竇. The text is now lost, but there are several reconstructions available with the amount of chapters varying from 1 to 20.

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The author, Gan Bao, was a Jin Dynasty historian who lived from c. 315 - 336.

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wei 2 - Annals of Emperor Wen (Cao Pi)Edit

  1. 干竇《搜神記》曰:宋大夫邢史子臣明於天道,周敬王之三十七年,景公問曰:「天道其何祥?」對曰:「後五年五月丁亥,臣將死;死後五年五月丁卯,吳將亡;亡後五年,君將終;終後四百年,邾王天下。」俄而皆如其言。所云邾王天下者,謂魏之興也。邾,曹姓,魏亦曹姓,皆邾之後。其年數則錯,未知邢史失其數邪,將年代久遠,注記者傳而有謬也?

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