Shu benji 蜀本紀 (Basic Annals of Shu), by Qiao Zhou 譙周 and others, was one of the basic annals of the state of Shu (316 BC). It was regularly compiled by the Shu history offices and Qiao Zhou was one of the editors.

Bits of informationEdit

Qiao Zhou was an official of Shu-Han. He lived from 199 to 270.[1]

It is not known how large this book was, but Burchard Mansvelt Beck, in Treatises of the Later Han, says that Qiao Zhou contributed 1 volume of local history to this book.

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Shu 2 - Biography of the Former Lord (Liu Bei)Edit

  1. 《蜀本紀》曰:武都有丈夫化為女子,顏色美好,蓋山精也。蜀王娶以為妻,不習水土,疾病欲歸國,蜀王留之,無幾物故。蜀王發卒之武都擔土,於成都郭中葬,蓋地數畝,高十丈,號曰武擔也。臣松之案:武擔,山名,在成都西北,蓋以乾位在西北,故就之以即阼。
  2. The Basic Annals of Shu states: “In Wudu there was a man who transformed into a woman. She was beautiful and was a mountain spirit. The king of Shu took her to be his wife. She was not accustomed to the local environment and became ill and wished to return home, but the king of Shu detained her. Before long she died. The prince of Shu sent soldiers to Wudu, and they transported earth to bury her in the center of Chengdu city. The ground covered several mou, and the spot was called Wudan.”[2]

Book of Shu 8 - Biography of Qin MiEdit

  1. 《蜀本紀》曰:禹本汶山廣柔縣人也,生於石紐,其地名刳兒坪,見《世帝紀》。

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  2. Crowell, Record of The Three Kingdoms: The History of Shu Fascicle Two: “The Former Lord”.


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