Shenxian zhuan 神仙傳 (Biographies of Spirits and Immortals) is a Chinese text written by Eastern Jin 東晉 Daoist writer Ge Hong 葛洪[2] (283–343) in the 4th century.

Bits of informationEdit

A 10 juan 卷 ("scrolls", or "chapters") long collection of supernatural stories and biographies. It contains a biography of men such as the Daoist immortal Zhang (Dao) Ling and the man who cursed Sun Ce, Gan Ji, among many others.

In the preface to this text Ge Hong wrote that the book should serve his disciples' as proof that immortality is an achievable feat.

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Shu 2 - Biography of the Former Lord (Liu Bei)Edit

  1. 葛洪《神仙傳》曰:仙人李意其,蜀人也。傳世見之,云是漢文帝時人。先主欲伐吳,遣人迎意其。意其到,先主禮敬之,問以吉凶。意其不荅而求紙筆,畫作兵馬器仗數十紙已,便一一以手裂壞之,又畫作一大人,掘地埋之,便徑去。先主大不喜。而由出軍征吳大敗還,忿恥發病死,衆人乃知意其畫作大人而埋之者,即是言先主死意。
  2. “Ge Hong's Shenxian zhuan states: 'There was sage called Li Yiqi 李意期, a native of Shu. [...] When the Former Lord 先主 was about to attack Wu, he asked someone to invite Li Yiqi to come. When Li Yiqi arrived, the Former Lord treated him very generously. The Former Lord wanted to ask him to divine the future. Li Yiqi did not respond but asked for paper and a brush. On the pieces of paper, he drew many pictures of troops. Then he ripped up every page. Then he drew a man on a page, buried it in the ground, and then he left. The Former Lord then became deeply worried. He personally led troops to attack Wu but was defeated. The Former Lord was very sad which led to sickness and later died. The people finally realised the meaning of this divination. When Li Yiqi drew a man on the paper and buried it, it meant that the Former Lord was going to die.'” [3]

Book of Wu 4 - Biography of Shi XieEdit

  1. 葛洪《神仙傳》曰:燮甞病死,已三日,仙人董奉以一丸藥與服,以水含之,捧其頭,搖捎之,食頃,即開目動手,顏色漸復,半日能起坐,四日復能語,遂復常。奉字昌異,侯官人也。
  2. “Ge Hong's Shenxian zhuan states: 'Three days after Shi Xie died of illness, the immortal Dong Feng 董奉 gave him a pharmaceutical pill. Upon Dong Feng shaking his head to swallow the pill, Shi Xie’s eyes immediately opened and his arms could move again. His facial appearance gradually returned to normal; in half a day’s time, he was able to sit up; after four days, he was able to speak again; thereupon returning to normal. Dong Feng styled Junyi 君異 was a man from Houguan 侯官.'”

Book of Wu 18 - Chen Shou CommentsEdit

  1. 葛洪《神仙傳》曰:仙人介象,字元則,會稽人,有諸方術。吳主聞之,徵象到武昌,甚敬貴之,稱為介君,為起宅,以御帳給之,賜遺前後累千金,從象學蔽形之術。試還後宮,及出殿門,莫有見者。又使象作變化,種瓜菜百果,皆立生可食。吳主共論鱠魚何者最美,象曰:「鯔魚為上。」吳主曰:「論近道魚耳,此出海中,安可得邪?」象曰:「可得耳。」乃令人於殿庭中作方埳,汲水滿之,并求鉤。象起餌之,垂綸於埳中。須臾,果得鯔魚。吳主驚喜,問象曰:「可食不?」象曰:「故為陛下取以作生鱠,安敢取不可食之物!」乃使廚下切之。吳主曰:「聞蜀使來,得蜀薑作韲甚好,恨爾時無此。」象曰:「蜀薑豈不易得,願差所使者,并付直。」吳主指左右一人,以錢五十付之。象書一符,以著青竹杖中,使行人閉目騎杖,杖止,便買薑訖,復閉目。此人承其言騎杖,須臾止,已至成都,不知是何處,問人,人言是蜀市中,乃買薑。于時吳使張溫先在蜀,旣於市中相識,甚驚,便作書寄其家。此人買薑畢,捉書負薑,騎杖閉目,須臾已還到吳,廚下切鱠適了。

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