The Shangshu ling Xun Yu bei 尚書令荀彧碑 (Stele of Xun Yu ordered by the Imperial Secretariat) was a Chinese stele about Cao Cao's advisor Xun Yu 荀彧. The text was written by Pan Xu 潘勖.

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The writer, Pan Xu, lived until 215 AD.

The subject, Xun Yu, lived from 163 to 212 AD. The stele was made after Xun Yu died in 212.

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wei 10 - Biography of Xun YuEdit

  1. 又潘勗為彧碑文,稱彧「瑰姿奇表」。(...) 侍中守《尚書令彧》,積德累行,少長無悔,遭世紛擾,懷忠念治。

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