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In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei declared war on Sun Quan because of Guan Yu's death. Liu Bei himself led 750.000 troops to attack Wu. Gan Ning, who was frail and old still decided to participate in the battle. During the battle, Shamoke, a barbarian king who was an ally of Shu-Han, defeated Gan Ning. When Gan Ning was retreating, Shamoke shot an arrow at his head. Gan Ning fled under to a tree, but he eventually died of the wound. Later, Zhou Tai, who was Gan Ning's friend sought revenge against Shamoke. When Zhou Tai later saw Shamoke, he charged towards him and cut him down.

What happened historically?Edit

  • Gan Ning didn't participate in the Battle of Xiaoting. Gan Ning died roughly two years before the battle took place.
  • Zhou Tai did not kill Shamoke.

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