Sanguo zhi pinghua
Part A, page 9
Yellow Turbans Defeated
Zhang Fei answered: “I am willing to go.” Xuande asked again: “How many soldiers do you need?” Fei answered: “I don’t need a single soldier. I will go alone.” Xuande said: “You can take 500 soldiers, just in case.” Fei kept saying: “I’ll be fine! I’ll be fine!” Xuande insisted: “Just bring some soldiers.” Fei said: “I will ask for some volunteers. If they come with me, the contributors will be enjoying the national reward for generations!” He exclaimed for the first time, seven soldiers with seven horses responded; the second time, three soldiers with three horses responded; the third time, two soldiers with two horses responded. He recruited thirteen soldiers in total. Fei said: “That is enough!”

Zhang Fei led the thirteen soldiers, went to Yan Province with the edict of pardon and arrived at the gate of the city. Zhang Fei looked around at the city. There stood enemies’ turrets. Antlers were buried deep in the ground. Deep trenches were dug up. On the gate, plentiful wooden beams were swinging, abundant stones ready for catapults. The drawbridge was suspended and the pallet was put down. Zhang Fei yelled outside the trenches: “Who is on the city wall? Come out and talk to me!” A troop of soldiers showed up asking: “Who are you, soldiers?” Zhang Fei answered: “I am Zhang Fei, under the command of the Han marshal’s vanguard.” And he asked: “Who are you?” “I am Zhang Bao, the leader of Yan Province.” Fei said: “I am here with the imperial edict of pardon from the Han. If you surrender, all of you will not only be pardoned, you will also be ennobled and rewarded. If you don’t surrender, I will kill you all!” Having heard this, Zhang Bao went outrage. He was about to open the gate and encounter Fei.

Zhang Biao stopped him: “Don’t do that! When I was at Xinglin villa, this was the guy who went straight to the praetorian tent even with many soldiers trying to block him. We lost Xinglin villa since then.” Zhang Bao asked: “Then what should we do?” Biao said: “Just hold your ground in the city. I am afraid of getting tricked by Zhang Fei. Let’s ask Yang Province for help.” Zhang Fei shouted under the city gate, but nobody on the gate answered. Zhang Fei went outrage, cursed around the city but still nobody responded. Then Fei went to shout under the south gate: “Who are guarding this gate?” Still no answer.

Zhang Fei saw nobody answered, turned to his soldiers and said: “Ever since we joined the Han army, our saddles are never taken off horses, armors are never taken off our bodies. We sleep on top of bows on sand when the moon shines on us. We leave scales on the ground because we always lie with armors on. We have been fighting and killing so hard. We have suffered so much. Today, how about we just camp in front of the trench. There are many willows around. Let’s just take off our armors in the shades of the willows, take a bath in the trench, and rest our horses under the trees.” While resting, Zhang Fei pointed to the city and cursed again. Zhang Biao was so angry. He noticed that the soldiers and horses were defenseless when Zhang Fei was bathing in the trench. Zhang Biao said to his brother: “If I can’t kill this guy today, I would rather die than being humiliated!” His brother Bao said: “Our army has over 500,000 soldiers, and thousands of military officers. Led by the troop of 100,000 soldiers, we carried the world before one. We have taken over two third of the Han territory. Look at all the lands that belong to us. Now there came Zhang Fei, who only took one little Xinglin villa but scared you. We shall give a big reward to whoever is dared to challenge Zhang Fei, no matter if he is a general or an ordinary soldier, and no matter who his brothers are.” Zhang Biao said: “It was dark that day. My soldiers were not armed, and our horses were not saddled. When a great force came, we lost Xinglin villa ever since. Now Zhang Fei only has thirteen soldiers. If Zhang Biao leads five thousands of soldiers, I will catch Zhang Fei alive!” Zhang Bao said: “I totally agree with my little brother.”

Immediately, Zhang Biao led five thousands soldiers, put down the drawbridge and came out of the city. Once Zhang Fei saw the soldiers coming out, he mounted a horse, put on his armors while riding. All his soldiers grabbed their weapons and ran to the south. When they arrived at Yaojia villa, which was 16.6 kilometers away from Yan Province, Zhang Biao was following right behind them. When they arrived at Xinglin villa, they saw a troop of about one thousand soldiers, who were led by the front vanguard Liu Bei. Liu Bei held double swords, and worn a brocaded tabard. He stopped the horse and shouted under the flag: “Who are the head of the traitors?” “I am Zhang Biao!” Xuande saw him, turned his horse and rushed towards him. The two engaged into a battle. After twenty rounds, five hundred soldiers sneaked from the back, led by the rearguard Jian Xianhe. In this tangled battle, Zhang Biao was defeated.

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