Sanguo zhi pinghua
Part A, page 10
Return after Victory
A Triumphant Return - SGZ PH 10
Zhang Biao retreated his army, and fled to Yan Province, with Xuande attacking his rear. When Zhang Biao reached a wood, they saw an army with around one thousand soldiers who had stopped their horses, rested their falchions across their waists, and waited. Zhang Biao asked nervously: “Who is coming?” “I am an ordinary soldier of the vanguard of the Han. My last name is Guan, style name is Yunchang.” [Yunchang] continued: “You traitor, why don’t you just get down from that horse and surrender!” Zhang Biao was astonished. Yunchang marched forward, with his crescent blade across his waist. Zhang Biao was too afraid to fight with Yunchang, so he ran away.

Xuande’s army followed up and joined Lord Guan’s force. The two forces together destroyed 90% of Zhang Biao’s troops, and only around one hundred soldiers survived. The battle lasted until the night. Zhang Biao arrived at the city gate of Yan Province. He cried loudly: “Open the door! There are ambushes chasing me! It’s urgent!” Zhang Bao who was in the city opened the gate immediately. The remaining fifty to seventy soldiers of Zhang Biao army entered the city. Outside the trench, Zhang Fei’s army laid in ambush in the willow forest. The ambush burst into the gate and killed countless soldiers from Zhang Biao’s army who fell into the water. Zhang Fei led hundreds of soldiers shouted loudly: “Cut the bridge cable!” The pursued troops all flooded into the city. In the depth of the night, Zhang Bao and Zhang Biao had no way to know how many Han soldiers were there. They rushed into the north gate and fled. [The Han] took Yan Province back.

The second day, the marshal gave a banquet. While discussing, a scout came to report that the defeated armies went to Guangning commandery. The marshal said: “Tomorrow morning, the vanguard with your army will start off first, the main forces will follow to Yang Province.” Then they took the Shengzhou road, passed through Haizhou, Lian River, Huai River and Taizhou, then continued to the west and arrived at Yang Province. The vanguard Liu Bei arrived together. They camped within the distance of a bowshot outside the city.

On Zhang Biao’s side, he called the roll and realized that Zhang Bao wasn’t there. It turned out that Zhang Bao was killed during the chaos. Zhang Jue became enraged. He saw a scout coming to report: “I found out that the Han army is very close. The Vanguard Liu Bei is camping within a distance of a bowshot outside the city.” Zhang Jue summoned all the officers to a meeting, and decided that all the forces in the city would go out to encounter Liu Bei’s army the next morning.

At dawn on the next day, Zhang Jue led the army out the city. Liu Bei divided his army into three troops. Guan and Zhang each led one troop. When Liu Bei’s and Zhang Jue’s forces attacked head on, Lord Guan attacked the rear of Zhang Jue’s force, Zhang Fei flanked them, and Liu Bei trained one corporal to shout: “If the traitors remove their yellow turbans and give up their weapons, they will be pardoned! Whoever catches Zhang Jue will be ennobled as the duke of the five hegemonies!” As he finished speaking, the marshal’s army arrived. The traitors saw that. They gave up weapons, took off their armors and yellow turbans. Countless of soldiers surrendered. Zhang Jue and Zhang Biao were killed in the melee.

Liu Bei took over Yang Province. The Han marshal led his troops and entered the city of Yang Province. The marshal gave orders to pacify the local people, and nobody was allowed to commit even the slightest offence against the people. Whoever disobeyed the rules would be punished according to the military orders. The local people were very happy about this. The marshal gave another order asking the vanguard to lead his officers and soldiers to attend the banquet the next day.

The following day, they all attended the banquet. The marshal said: “All the officers, I am here to thank you for defeating the Yellow Turban rebels!” Each of them was rewarded. Afterwards, the marshal wrote a memorial to the emperor, and chose a day to return to the capital. When they arrived to Chang’an, the marshal commanded the troops to camp outside the east gate. The marshal told Liu Bei: “Defeating the yellow turban rebellion is all attributed to Xuande. I am going to meet the emperor and tell him about the defeat of the Yellow Turbans. You will definitely ennobled.” He said to Liu Bei: “Camp outside the east gate and wait me for two or three days.”

One day, Liu Bei was sitting with other liege lords, a corporal came to report that the Han ambassador wanted to see the vanguard. As he finished speaking, Liu Bei rushed out to the gate to welcome the ambassador and seated him in the central praetorium. After greeting rituals, Liu Bei asked why the attendant officer came. “You don’t know me? I am one of the Ten Attendants.” Duan Gui reproached: “We had a discussion. Lord Xuande defeated the Yellow Turban thieves, so you must have collected a great amount of treasures. You can just give me 300,000 guan of golden beads. I will ennoble you and clothe you with gold belt and purple clothing.” Liu Bei said: “Although we took over the cities, all the golds, jewelries silks and all the treasures were taken by the marshal. Liu Bei didn’t take even a dime.” Duan Gui heard this, stood up immediately and walked out. Couple steps later, he looked back and stared at Liu Bei, cursed: “Such a cheap hungry pauper from Shangsang village…”

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