Sanguo zhi pinghua
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East of the river was the land of Wu, Shu's was among the Streams,
And Cao Cao, brave and heroic, held fast the Central Plain.
It is not that these three divided up the sub-celestial realm-
They returned to take vengeance for their murders.

The Emperor of Han enjoys the view of the Spring
Han Emperor - SGZ PH 1

Liu Xiu, whose style name was Wenshu, once lived in Baishui village of Deng city in Nanyang, he was afterwards the Emperor Guangwu in the Han Dynasty. “Guang” of the title “Guangwu”, means the light of the sun and the moon which illuminates the world, while “Wu” means dominating the world. He established his capital in Luoyang and reigned for five years. One day, the emperor made his promenade to the imperial garden where he was fascinated by the combination of exotic flowers and plants, he was so enchanted that he had no thought to leave. The emperor asked one of his ministers: “Was this garden created by Wang Mang the usurper?” The minister replied: “It was absolutely not Wang Mang's feat. Actually, he had the flowers and plants transplanted into this garden by forcing the common people to purchase and take care of them, which was a disaster for these people in the east capital of Luoyang.” The emperor said: “I now transmit my decree, ordering every common people to enjoy the flowers with me at the same place on the coming March 3rd the Qingming Festival by posting imperial edict.”

The next day, when everyone was in the imperial garden admiring the flowers in their pavilion assigned, a scholar wearing his white gown, gauze cap and black boots, holding a liquor pot in this left hand and an earthen bowl in his right hand, carrying his case of sword and books on his back, appeared unannounced in the imperial garden. Since all the pavilions were full of audience, the late comer had no place to sit on. The scholar walked a bit forward and saw an array of pine trees. So he put down his liquor pot and earthen bowl, unload his case of sword and books on the luxuriant and bluish green, where he sat on and poured the liquor in the earthen bowl, then took his drink at a gulp for three bowls successively. Before long, he was comfortably drunk.

After a bowl of Bamboo Leaf pierces through his heart,
his face is flushed as red as peach blossoms.

Someone may wonder what's the name of this scholar? His compound surname was Sima, while his style name was Zhongxiang. After playing his Chinese zither in order to divert himself from boredom, he opened his bookcase and took out a roll of his book where he read that during the Qin Dynasty, which had fallen, Five Ridges were constructed in the south, the Great Wall was built in the north, the sea was reclaimed in the east, the Epang Palace was built in the west, yet many books were burned and Confucian scholars were buried alive. Flying into a fury, Zhongxiang reviled that "Emperor Qin Shi Huang was such a tyrant! If I were the emperor, everyone in my realm would have been in happiness!" Again, he said "Eight or nine out of ten were killed, their bodies were unburied and rotten because of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. The god had shown no mercy but made this man an emperor! Afterwards, Xiangyu of Langya became his threat in the south, while Liu Bang from Fengpei of Xuzhou raised insurrections in the north. The whole world was in turmoil again, where the armies were armed, the people were harmed!" At this moment, more than fifty men in silk clothes and embroidered hat unexpectedly appeared and turned towards the racks of brambles. Eight of them in purple robe matched with gold belt, holding official tablet and wearing black official boots, walked forward taking the lead in two rows with their silk package of purple goldfish at the waist, however, their ranks were unknown. They said "Your majesty, please take the six sacred gifts bestowed by the Jade Emperor." One of them carried a Gold Phoenix Tray with six articles on it, including Crown of Pingtian, Robe of Gunlong, Boots of Wuyou, White Jade Tablet, Jade Belt, Oath Sword. Zhongxiang took all these articles and dressed them up, then sat where he had been holding the White Jade Tablet.

The eight men reported, "Your majesty, this shall not be your throne." They then carried the Sedan Chair of Dragon and Phoenix from the other fifty men in embroidered hat standing behind, and set in front of him. "Your majesty, please ascend the sedan chair." Zhongxiang snatched his imperial robe, entered the sedan chair and sat solemnly. The eight men led the way at both sides surrounded by the fifty embroidered hats, until they arrived at the Liuli Hall. " Your majesty, please descend from the sedan chair."

After entering the hall, Zhongxiang sat on the Nine Dragons Gold Chair in a stately manner, greeted with shouts of "Long Live the Emperor" by all the officials. The eight reported, "You majesty, you have known the sin that Wang Mang committed. He poisoned Emperor Ping to death, murdered Ziying and the empress, slaughtered all the servants in the palace. Countless maids were killed. Thus, he established Xin Dynasty as the emperor with the style name Jujun.


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