Sanfen shilüe cover

cover of the Sanfen shilüe.

Three Brothers versus Lü Bu at Hulao - Yuan SFSL 16

Sanfen shilüe page 16 depicting the three brothers duelling Lü Bu.

Seven captures, seven releases - Yuan SFSL 40

Sanfen shilüe page 80 depicting the capture of Meng Huo.

The Sanfen shilüe 三分事略 (A Brief Account of the Tripartation) is a fictionalized account of the Three Kingdoms period. It's basically an earlier edition of the better known Sanguo zhi pinghua. Both of these works are believed to have been a big source of inspiration or set the foundation of the popular novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The Sanfen shilüe is almost identical to the Sanguo zhi pinghua. The style of the art is different, more simplistic, but the images all depict the same scene, with the same characters, all in the same pose and placing on the image. All chapters also have the same title as its successor and the main body text is nearly identical as well.

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