In order to get this trophy you need to collect the following events, 33 in total. You can see which events you have collected from the Event Directory under Collection in the main menu.


  • Oath of the Peach Garden
  • The Love Triangle Plot, Act 1
  • The Love Triangle Plot, Act 2
  • Deadlock at Guandu
  • Resolution at Guandu
  • The Three Visits, Act 1
  • The Three Visits, Act 2
  • The Three Visits, Act 3
  • Zhuge Liang's Debate
  • Hunting an Arrow
  • A Desperate Plan
  • Battle of Chibi
  • Cao Cao Raises Troops
  • Against Dong Zhuo
  • Battle of Hulao Gate
  • Death of Sun Jian
  • Sun Ce Marches
  • Death of Sun Ce
  • Battle of Baima and Yanjin
  • Battle of Changban
  • Yellow Turban Subjugation
  • Emperor Ling Passes
  • Chaos in the Capital
  • Moving to Changan
  • Battle of Kuangting
  • Moving to Xu/Cao Cao's Rage
  • Moving to Xu/Liu Bei Stands
  • Lu Bu's Retreat
  • To Xuchang
  • Liu Bei Abandons Xu
  • Guan Yu Surrenders
  • Guan Yu's Ride
  • Battle of Jiangling


Most of these events will come naturally while playing, except for a couple:

  • Yellow Turban Subjugation
    the Yellow Turban army needs to be defeated in the first scenario, Yellow Turban Rebellion. So obviously you shouldn't be playing as the Yellow Turbans to achieve this.
  • The events require that certain characters are alive, so before you start a scenario be sure select the option Killed: No to prevent any required officer from getting killed in battle.
  • A handy trick to get any missing events is to choose (or become) a free officer and move him/her to a neutral city and just wait until events start.

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