Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI (PS2)
JP Date Released
28 September 2006 (PS2)
EU Date Released
5 September 2008 (PC)
US Date Released
6 February 2007 (PS2)
Game modes:
ESRB rating:
ESBR Everyone 10 E10+
PlayStation 2, Windows, Nintendo Wii

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI, also known as Sangokushi 11 (三國志11), is the 11th installment in Koei's famous Romance of the Three Kingdoms video game series. It features a new "power-up" kit which gives you numerous abilities to the game along with some models borrowed from Dynasty Warriors 4. The English version of the game was released on September 9, 2008 in North America.

In 2012 it's successor was released; Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII.


The game introduces several scenarios in prior to the novel, but the player can choose to play according to history or change it. The scenarios are as follows:

  • The Yellow Turbans
  • Dong Zhuo's Rise
  • Rival Warlords
  • Clash at Guan Du
  • The Three Visits
  • Liu Bei in Shu
  • Nanman Rebellion
  • Rise of Heroes

The PlayStation 2 version of the game has two bonus scenarios:

  • Lu Bu Campaign
  • Power Struggle

The Yellow Turbans ScenarioEdit

The Yellow Turbans scenario introduces the player to the game physics and rules, with the two major forces as He Jin and Yellow Turban leader Zhang Jiao.

Playable forces of the Yellow Turban scenario are as follows:

  • He Jin's forces
    RTKXI screenshot 01

    Yellow Turbans versus He Jin's army

  • Zhang Jiao's forces
    RTKXI screenshot 02

    special attack by Zhang Bao

  • Dong Zhuo's forces
  • Ma Teng's forces
  • Sun Jian's forces
  • Gongsun Zan's forces
  • Ding Yuan's forces
  • Liu Yan's forces

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