Robert Joe Cutter is an American professor and chairman of the Department of Languages and Literatures at the Arizona State University. He has written several books on Chinese history with Empresses and Consorts arguably being the most well-known among the Three Kingdoms fan.


(from Arizona University)[1]
Dr. Cutter received his doctorate from the University of Washington in Chinese, with a specialization in early medieval Chinese literature. Prior to coming to ASU, he was a professor of Chinese in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he was on the faculty for twenty-two years. Now professor emeritus at Wisconsin, he served terms as chair of his department and director of the Center for East Asian Studies. An internationally recognized leader in the field of early medieval Chinese literature and history, Dr. Cutter has numerous books and articles on those topics, as well as on other periods, including modern Chinese literature. His most recent monograph is a book in Chinese entitled Cockfighting and Chinese Culture published by China ’s leading scholarly publishing house. It is a cultural history of this blood sport based on both literary and historical sources. Dr. Cutter serves on a number of boards and is the East Asia Sectional Chair of the American Oriental Society, the third oldest scholarly organization in the United States.



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