Qin Jie 秦頡 was the Grand Administrator of Nanyang commandery. He succeeded Chu Gong 褚貢, who was killed by Yellow Turban gang leader Zhang Mancheng 張曼成.


Qin Jie was rather succesful during the Yellow Turban Rebellion in 184 A.D. He became the Grand Administrator of Nanyang commandery after Chu Gong was killed by Zhang Mancheng on 23 April of that year.

After Zhang Mancheng killed Chu Gong, he camped in the vicinity of Wan for about three months. When Qin Jie arrived, he killed him.[2]

Later that year Yellow Turban Han Zhong 韓忠 re-occupied Wan. When he was lured out Wan by Zhu Jun 朱儁, Qin Jie attacked and killed him.


In the spring of the second month of 185 A.D. Zhao Ci, a soldier in Jiangxia, led a mutiny and killed Qin Jie.


  • 頡 can also be translated as Xie.


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