Template:Infobox Character OtherQiao Mao was the Grand Administrator of Dong commandery during the Struggle against the Imperial Eunuchs and the Campaign against Dong Zhuo. He was part of the Guandong Coalition that was formed to end Dong Zhuo.


Qiao Mao was born in Liang and became Grand Administrator of Dong commandery.

When He Jin and his faction prepared to eliminate all eunuchs of the Imperial Palace, Qiao Mao was ordered to camp at Chenggao.[1]

The Guandong CoalitionEdit

Following the death of the eunuchs, Dong Zhuo, who was summoned to aid He Jin in his plot to kill the eunuchs, seized power in the Imperial Court and a coalition was formed to oppose him. The coalition was led by Yuan Shao and named the Guandong Coalition.

Before this, Qiao Mao forged letters as if sent by the Excellencies in the capital to the provinces and commanderies. Listing the faults and crimes of Dong Zhuo, they went on to say that:

"We are oppressed and can do nothing to help ourselves. We look eagerly for loyal troops to free the state from danger and harm."[2]

Han Fu and others, after reading the letter, went east and joined the coalition.

Later, Qiao Mao camped at Suanzao, together with Cao Cao, Bao Xin, Yuan Yi, Liu Dai, Zhang Chao and Zhang Miao. Each army contained several ten thousand men.[3]

Some time after this, Qiao Mao was killed by coalitionmember Liu Dai. The two were on bad terms with each other. Liu Dai appointed Wang Gong Grand Administrator of Dong commandery.


  • All quotes in this article are translated from historical sources by Professor Rafe and taken from his work.
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