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For all your information regarding the Han Dynasty.
People of Han

Emperors of Later Han

Emperor Ling Avatar 100px Emperor Xian Avatar
Emperor Ling Emperor Shao Emperor Xian

note: in total Later Han had fourteen Emperors, but the above three lived during the fall of Han and/or Three Kingdoms.

People of Han

Prominent Officers of Han

Cao Cao Avatar Silhouette Male Avatar Dong Zhuo Avatar Silhouette Male Avatar He Jin Avatar
Cao Cao Ding Yuan Dong Zhuo Fu Xie He Jin
Huangfu Song Avatar Lü Bu Avatar Sun Jian Avatar
Huangfu Song Lü Bu Sun Jian
Did you know...?
*Han's reigncolour was Red and it ruled through the power of Fire.
*The Han Dynasty was briefly interrupted by the Xin Dynasty, from 9 - 25 AD.

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