Pei Yuanshao - RTKXII

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII portrait

Pei Yuanshao 裴元紹 is a fictional character, presumably created by Luo Guanzhong, who appears in the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and various Three Kingdoms-themed games by Koei.


Pei Yuanshao was an officer of the Yellow Turbans. After the Yellow Turban's defeat, became the leader of a gang of brigands.[n 1] Attempted to steal the steed Red Hare from Guan Yu, but instead surrendered when he realized who its owner was. Introduced his friend Zhou Cang to Guan Yu.[2]


  1. Pei Yuanshao isn't introduced in Romance of the Three Kingdoms until chapter 28, which is long after the Yellow Turban Rebellion was quelled (chapter 1). However, some of his quotes strongly suggest he was active in the Rebellion: "I am Pei Yuanshao. After the death of Zhang Jue, I was left forlorn..." and about Zhou Cang he says: "He also was a commander in the rebel army..."[1]


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