The term Nanman 南蠻 refers to the tribes of barbarians in the south of Yi Province. Nanman literally means 'Southern Barbarians' and was likely to be a term used by Shu-Han to refer to these southern tribes, rather than it being their real name.

During the Three Kingdoms the Nanman rebelled against Shu-Han. First under the leadership of Yong Kai, Zhu Bao and Gao Ding. Later under the leadership of Meng Huo. The rebellion was ended after the first three leaders were killed and Meng Huo submitted to Shu-Han.

In 233 AD the southerners rebelled again, this time under the leadership of Liu Wei. This time the rebellion was dealt with by Ma Zhong, who also fought against the southerners in 225 AD.


Fact vs. FictionEdit



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