Mu furen Zhangshi zhuan 母夫人張氏傳 (Biography of my Mother the Lady Zhang) is a biographical text written by Zhong Hui 鍾會.[2] The text is about his mother, the Lady Zhang 張氏.


The author of this biography, Zhong Hui, a general of Wei, lived from 225-264.

The biography is about his mother, the Lady Zhang Changpu and tells how she was strict in raising him and how she played a large role in his education. The Lady was born in 200 and died in 257. The biography was probably completed between 257 and 264, the years of death of the Lady and Zhong Hui respectively.

The biography is partially included in the Book of Wei 28 (see below). The biography is also included in the collected works of Zhong Hui (Zhōng Huì jí 鍾會集).

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wei 28 - Biography of Zhong HuiEdit

  1. 會為其母傳曰:「夫人張氏,字昌蒲,太原茲氏人,太傅定陵成侯之命婦也。世長吏二千石。夫人少喪父母,充成侯家,脩身正行,非禮不動,為上下所稱述。貴妾孫氏,攝嫡專家,心害其賢,數讒毀无所不至。孫氏辨博有智巧,言足以飾非成過,然竟不能傷也。及姙娠,愈更嫉妬,乃置藥食中,夫人中食,覺而吐之,瞑眩者數日。或曰:『何不向公言之?』荅曰:『嫡庶相害,破家危國,古今以為鑒誡。假如公信我,衆誰能明其事?彼以心度我,謂我必言,固將先我;事由彼發,顧不快耶!』遂稱疾不見。孫氏果謂成侯曰:『妾欲其得男,故飲以得男之藥,反謂毒之!』成侯曰:『得男藥佳事,闇於食中與人,非人情也。』遂訊侍者具服,孫氏由是得罪出。成侯問夫人何能不言,夫人言其故,成侯大驚,益以此賢之。黃初六年,生會,恩寵愈隆。成侯旣出孫氏,更納正嫡賈氏。」
  2. [Zhong] Hui wrote a biography for his mother: “Lady Zhang, style name Changpu 昌蒲, was from Zishi 茲氏 county in Taiyuan 太原 commandery. She was the Grand Tutor Dingling Marquis Cheng’s[3] wife. She was from a family of officials with annual salary of two thousand dan 石 of grain. The Lady lost her parents when she was young. She was then married into a family of officials. She was moral and virtuous, and she only behaved in good manners. She was praised by everyone, including the elders and the youths.
    The Lady Sun 孫氏, a concubine, was good at taking over the wife’s attention. She was very jealous of Lady Zhang’s virtue. She tried to slander Lady Zhang by all means but failed. The Lady Sun was smart in talking. What she said could confuse the truths and falsehoods, but she still couldn’t hurt Lady Zhang. When Zhang was pregnant, Sun was even more jealous. Sun put medication into Zhang’s food. Lady Zhang ate the food, noticed the medication and spat it out. Afterwards, Zhang was dizzy and nauseous for days. Someone asked her: “Why don’t you tell the lord about this?” She answered: “If wife and concubine harm each other, the family will be destroyed and eventually the country will be ruined. There are histories as warnings. If the lord believes me, who else can understand the real situation? She is estimating my behaviour with her mind. She thinks that I will tell the lord, so she must be earlier than me. The whole thing starts from her, how it can be too bad!” Then she claimed to be ill and refused to see anyone. As expected, Sun told Marquis Cheng: “I would love to see Zhang to have a son, so I put the medication into her drink. How could you say that I poison her!” Marquis Cheng said: “It is great to have the medication for having a boy, but it is inhumane to put it into someone’s food secretly.” Then he asked the servant to change Sun’s clothes, and divorced her because of this. Marquis Cheng asked Lady Zhang why she did not say anything about it. The Lady told him the reason. Marquis Cheng was surprised and regarded her as virtuous afterwards. During the sixth year of Huangchu, the Lady gave birth to [Zhong] Hui, and received even more love and attention. After Marquis Cheng divorced Sun, he married Lady Jia as the principal wife.”

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  2. Chen Shou. Book of Wei 28 in Records of the Three Kingdoms, cited by Pei Songzhi.
  3. Marquis Cheng is the posthumous title of Zhong Yao 鍾繇, the father of Zhong Hui.


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