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Miao Ze in Three Kingdoms (2010)

Miao Ze 苗澤 is a fictional character who appears in chapter 57 of the fictitious novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


Miao Ze was the younger brother of Lady Zhi, wife of Huang Kui 黃奎. Huang Kui had a concubine named Li Chunxiang 李春香 and Miao Ze had a secret affair with her and much desired to marry her.

One day Li Chunxiang talked with Miao Ze about the displeasure she noticed from her husband. Miao Ze suggested that if she wanted to know what was on Huang Kui's mind she could find out by asking him a leading question:

"Ask him what is the truth about two men, Liu Bei and Cao Cao? Who is the wicked one."

Li Chunxiang asked her husband the question that evening. He replied:

"You are not an official; still you know right from wrong as well as I. My enemy, and the man I would slay if I could, is Cao Cao."

Li Chunxiang replied:

"But why? And if you wish to slay him, why do you not do something?"

Huang Kui answered:

"I have done something. I have settled with General Ma Teng to assassinate Cao Cao at the review."

Li Chunxiang told Miao Ze, and Miao Ze told Cao Cao. Cao Cao made immediate arrangements to defeat the plot. After the plot was dealt with Miao Ze wished for just one reward:

"I desire no other reward than Li Chunxiang as wife."

But Cao Cao smiled and said:

"For her sake then you have brought a whole household to death. What advantage would there be in preserving such a miscreant?"

Cao Cao bade the executioners to put both Li Chunxiang and Miao Ze to death.


  • Luo Guanzhong. Romance of the Three Kingdoms, chapter 57.


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