Ma Yunlu 馬雲騄 is a fictional character,
Ma Yunlu - RTKXII TB

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII portrait

created by Zhou Dahuang 周大荒 for his book Fan Sanguo yanyi. She also appears in several Romance of the Three Kingdoms games by TecmoKoei.


Daughter of Ma Teng and sister to Chao, Xiu and Tie. Both beautiful and skilled in battle, she joined Ma Chao when the rest of her family was killed by Cao Cao. After being defeated by Cao Cao, she fled with her brother and joined Liu Bei. In Jing Province, she met and married Zhao Yun, and continued to fight by his side.[1]



  1. Koei. "Officer Encyclopedia" in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI. Koei ltd., 2006.


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