Ma Xiang 馬相 was a bandit of Yi Province who was active in the year 188 A.D. Together with Zhao Zhi and other bandits from Yi Province they attacked and destroyed several commanderies.


In the year 188 A.D. Ma Xiang, Zhao Zhi, and other bandits of Yi Province raised troops at Mianzhu, called themselves Yellow Turbans, and killed the Inspector Que Jian. They went forward and attacked Ba commandery and Jianwei, and in the matter of a few weeks they had defeated and destroyed the forces of three commanderies. Their army was several ten thousand men, and Ma Xiang called himself 'Son of Heaven', possibly referring to Zhang Jue, who called himself 'Lord of Heaven General'. Jia Long, an Attendant Official of the province, led officers and people to attack Ma Xiang and the others, After several days the rebels were defeated and fled, the territory of the province was at peace, and Jia Long collected his troops to receive Liu Yan.