Ma Chao 馬超 was an officer of Liu Bei who led an uprising against Cao Cao which caused the death of most of Ma's family. He eventually came into the service of Liu Bei while he was conquering Yi Province.


Ma Chao, was a Fufeng native from Maoling. His father Ma Teng, was colleagues with Bian Zhang and Han Sui at the Xizhou area during the later stages of Han Ling Di’s rule.

During the third year of ChuPing, Han Sui and Ma Teng brought their followers on an official visit to Chang An. The Han courts appointed Han Sui as Zhen Xi Jiangjun and to be stationed at Jing Cheng; Ma Teng was appointed as Zheng Xi Jiangjun and to be stationed at Tun Mei.

Following that, Ma Teng attacked Chang An but failed in the process and retreated back to the Province of Liang. Sili Xiaowei Zhong Yao who guarded Guanzhong, dispatched a letter to Han Sui and Ma Teng offering to help them through thick and thin. Ma Teng then dispatched Ma Chao to follow Zhong Yao to fight against Guo Yuan and Gao Gan at Ping Yang, during which Pang De, a subordinate of Ma Chao, personally executed Guo Yuan. After that, Ma Teng had some disagreements with Han Sui and subsequently petitioned for a position back in the capital instead. He was then appointed as Weiwei and Ma Chao was appointed as Bian Jiangjun and also Marquis of Duting and put in charge of Ma Teng’s forces.[2]








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  • Ma Chao did not duel Zhang Fei at Jiameng Pass.


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