Lu Xun ming 陸遜銘 (Inscriptions of Lu Xun) is a Chinese text written by Lu Ji 陸機.[1]

Bits of informationEdit

Written by Lu Ji, and used to be in his collected works (Lu Ji ji 集), but is not there now.[2] A fragment of this work survives through just one citation in Records of the Three Kingdoms, which you can read below.

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wu 13 - Biography of Lu XunEdit

  1. 陸機為《遜銘》曰:魏大司馬曹休侵我北鄙,乃假公黃鉞,統御六師及中軍禁衞而攝行王事,主上執鞭,百司屈膝。
Lu Ji wrote in the Inscriptions of Lu Xun: “The Wei Commander-in-Chief Cao Xiu 曹休 invaded our northern borders. Lu Xun was awarded the imperial golden axe and put in command of all six armies and the imperial guard, to temporarily act on the Emperor’s behalf. The Lord [Sun Quan] held the whip and personally drove the carriage for him, and all the subjects knelt at his approach.”[3]

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