The Local Rising in Yingchuan commandery (dāngdì qǐ Yǐngchuān jùn 當地起潁川郡) was instigated by Rongyang bandits in the second month of 187 AD. He Miao 何苗 was sent to deal with the bandits.

The BattleEdit

In the second month of 187 AD some bandits of Rongyang county in Yingchuan commandery, Yu Province, caused havoc when they killed Luo Hao 落皓, the magistrate of Zhongmou county in Henan commandery, Sili Province, and his Registrar Pan Yin 潘業. He Miao, older half-brother of the General-in-Chief He Jin was sent to attack the bandits. He attacked and destroyed them in the third month.[1]

Returning successfully, He Miao received a triumphal welcome, was enfeoffed and named General of Chariots and Cavalry (jūjì jiāngjūn 車騎將軍).[2]


  • It seems that He Miao was given a high rank for beating only a local bandit rising, signifying the rise of the He-family. He Jin, He Miao and Lady He all held important positions now, with Lady He having also born the Emperor his eldest son.


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