Liu Pi 劉辟 was a bandit fighting in name of the Yellow Turbans, but never participated in the 184 A.D. Yellow Turban Rebellion. He was active in the late 190's to 200 A.D.


Liu Pi was part of a bandit group led by Huang Shao 黃邵 who fought in the name of the Yellow Turbans. In the 190's they allied themselves with Yuan Shu 袁術 and Sun Jian 孫堅. They set base camp in Yingchuan commandery and in the mid 190's the camp was filled with over 10.000 of soldiers. In 196 Cao Cao 曹操 set out to battle the Yellow Turbans, while fighting against Cao Cao, Liu Pi's colleague Huang Shao was killed in battle. He Man 何曼 and He Yi 何儀 subsequently surrendered. Liu Pi fled.


As the northen warlord Yuan Shao 袁紹 declared war against Cao Cao in 200 A.D. Liu Pi revolted in Xu city, the headquarters of Cao Cao. Yuan Shao soon sent Liu Bei 劉備 to support Liu Pi, Cao Cao sent his cousin Cao Ren 曹仁 to take care of the rebellion. Liu Bei was defeated and Liu Pi died in battle.



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