Liu An 劉安 is a fictional character , presumably created by Luo Guanzhong, who appears in chapter 19 of the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. A hunter from an established family of hunters. He offered Liu Bei food but couldn't find anything so he came up with an alternative solution.


Following his defeat at the hands of Lü Bu, Liu Bei followed Mi Zhu's advice and headed to Cao Cao. The two men directed their way to Xuchang, choosing by-roads rather than highways. When their small supplies ran out, they entered a village to beg. But when the people of any place heard that Liu Bei of Yuzhou was the man who needed help, they vied with each other in offering all that was required.[1]

One day they sought shelter at a house whence a youth came out and made a low obeisance. They asked his name and he gave it as Liu An, of a well known family of hunters. Hearing who the visitor was, the hunter wished to lay before him a dish of game, but though he sought for a long time, nothing could be found for the table. So Liu An came home, killed his wife and prepared a portion for his guest [1]

While eating Liu Bei asked, "What flesh is it?"[1]

Liu An told him: "Wolf."[1]

Liu Bei knew no better and ate his fill. Next day at daylight, just as Liu Bei was leaving, he went to the stables in the rear to get his horse and passing through the kitchen; he saw the dead body of a woman lying on the table. The flesh of one arm had been cut away. Quite startled he asked what this meant, and then he knew what he had eaten the night before. He was deeply sorry at this proof of his host's regard and the tears rained down as he mounted his steed at the gate.[1]

"I wish I could go with you," said Liu An, "but as my mother still lives, I cannot go so far from home."[1]

Liu Bei thanked him and went his way.[1]



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