List of people of the Three Kingdoms

List of people of the Three Kingdoms period, whose names start with "K".


Name Style Name Allegiance(s) Role Source(s)
Kan Ze 闞澤
Kebineng 軻比能 Xianbi
Kewu 柯吾 Qiang
Kong 孔, the Lady n/a Han
Kong Rong
Cao Cao
Kong Chang 孔常 Han
Kong Gui 孔桂
Kong Rong 孔融 Han
Kong Rong
Cao Cao
Kong Shang 孔尚 Han Grand Administrator of Julu commandery
Kong Shun 孔順 Yuan Shao
Kong Xian 孔羡
Kong Xin 孔信
Kong Yi 孔乂 Yuanjun 元雋 Wei SGZ Wei 16
Kong Zhi 孔芝 Han Grand Administrator of Nanhai commandery
Kong Zhou 孔伷 Han Inspector of Yu Province and a leader among the anti-Dong Zhuo alliance.
Kouloudun 寇婁敦 n/a Wei
General of Wei and former Wuhuan leader. SGZ Wei 28
SGZ Wei 30
Kujiu 苦蝤
(“Dry Grub”)
n/a Black Mountain Bandits bandit leader
Kuai Liang 蒯良 Liu Biao
Kuai Qi 蒯祺 Liu Biao
Kuai Yue 蒯越 Liu Biao
Cao Cao
Kuang Changning 況長寧 n/a SGZ Wu 19
Kuitou 魁頭 n/a Xianbi


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