List of people of the Three Kingdoms

List of people of the Three Kingdoms period, whose names start with "G".


# Name Style name Home
Birth Died Affiliation Literary
Biography Image
Gan 甘, the Lady Silhouette Female Avatar
Gan Ning 甘寧 Xingba 興霸 Ba Liu Biao
Sun Quan
SGZ Wu 10 Silhouette Male Avatar
Gaoding 高定
or: Gao Ding
Nanman HYGZ 4 Silhouette Male Avatar
Gao Wang 高望 Han (12 Eunuchs) HHS 78 Silhouette Male Avatar
Gongsun Fan 公孫範 Gongsun Zan Silhouette Male Avatar
Gongsun Yue 公孫越 Yuan Shu Silhouette Male Avatar
Gongsun Zan 公孫瓚 Bogu 伯珪 Han
Gongsun Zan
SGZ Wei 29 Silhouette Male Avatar
Guo Daxian 郭大賢
(“Guo Great-Virtue”)
Black Mountain Bandits SGZ Wei 29 Silhouette Male Avatar
Guan Hai 管亥 SGZ Wei 29 Silhouette Male Avatar
Guan Ping 關平 Liu Bei SGZ Shu 6 Silhouette Male Avatar


Name Style Name Allegiance(s) Role Source(s)
Guan Tong 關統 n/a Shu-Han son of Guan Xing 興, half-brother of Guan Yi 彝.
Guan Xing 關興 Anguo 安國 Liu Bei son of Guan Yu 羽
Guan Yi 關彝 n/a Shu-Han son of Guan Xing 興
Guan Yu 關羽 Changsheng 長生
Yunchang 雲長
Liu Bei
Fought in the Yellow Turban Rebellion with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. Governed Jing. Destroyed by an ill Lü Meng 呂蒙.
Guanqiu Jian
Zhonggong 仲恭 Wei SGZ Wei 28
Guo Da 郭大
(“Big Guo”)
or: Guo Tai 太
n/a Bobo Bandits Leader of Bobo Bandits (“White Wave Rebels”).
Guo Dian 郭典 Junye 君業 Han Grand Administrator of Julu commandery
Guo Huai 郭淮 Boji 伯濟 Cao Cao
Guo Jia 郭嘉 Fengxiao 奉孝 Yuan Shao
Cao Cao
SGZ Wei 14
Guo 郭, the Lady Nüwang 女皇 Wei Empress
Guo Sheng 郭勝 n/a Han (Eunuchs) Regular Palace Attendant
Guo Yi 郭奕 Boyi 伯益 Cao Cao
Son of Guo Jia, became Imperial Tutor. SGZ Wei 14
Guo Xun 郭勳 n/a Han Inspector of You Province

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